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JCNA 2018 AGM - Report

The Menger Hotel sits across the street from the Alamo, and it was an excellent location for this year’s AGM meeting.

There were no major controversies and thus I have no food fights to report. The changes to the Concours’ judging are relatively minor and concern fire extinguishers for competition cars and some changes to the judging of the XK/120s, of which only 20 cars are currently being shown. There is a new Judging Guide for this class which is to be used on a trial / voluntary basis for a year and then probably become mandatory.

There were significant complaints about the process for electing our Regional Directors. The election takes 6 months and the participation level is pitiful. JCNA has approximately 5,500 members and considerably less than 400 members voted in last year’s election. Of those that voted greater than 10% were disallowed for technical reasons. It was reasonably noted that in the twenty-first century perhaps the election could be done electronically through our website. The high command will study this issue………..

There is an ongoing problem recruiting clubs to host the AGM and IJF events. I think many can fully understand this. The suggestion has been made to form a JCNA standing committee of experienced event organizers to walk clubs through the process so the wheel doesn’t need to be re-invented annually. The high command will study this issue…………

Gary Kincel presented a very well attended seminar on the Coventry Foundation, which picked up many new members. Another significant plug was given at the Saturday night banquet by our keynote speaker, Mike Dale (former President of Jaguar North America). He is a loyal Patron of the Foundation and gave a very warm and enthusiastic endorsement of it. Planning is well underway for next year’s events. The AGM will be held at Jaguar headquarters in Mahwah, NJ and the IJF in Santa Barbara. Both events look terrific.

Craig Kerins - JCCNF AGM Representative, and Chief Judge