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For Calendar Year 2018


This non-profit Florida corporation shall be named: JAGUAR CAR CLUB OF NORTH FLORIDA (JCCNF), affiliate club SE54 of JAGUAR CAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMERICA (JCNA), founded by Mike Collins and JoAnn Pruett-Lawson on August 1, 2000, and chartered with JCNA on February 21, 2001.


Section 2.1: The mission of the JCCNF is as follows:

"To promote the Jaguar marque through enthusiastic support and involvement in programs in our community by the Club’s membership".

Section 2.2: The objectives of the JCCNF are as follows:

Section 2.2.1: To create fellowship and camaraderie among its members and insofar as permitted under the general laws of the State of Florida, without profit, to promote interest in activities related to the motoring and showing of Jaguars and to participate in and sponsor such JCNA, civic and charitable events as are in keeping with the members' desires.

Section 2.2.2: To exchange information and ideas between all other car, truck or motorcycle clubs regardless of make or marque.


Section 3.1. There shall be five classes of members: PRIMARY, ASSOCIATE, AFILIATE, HONORARY and BUSINESS.

Section 3.2. All club members are to be considered to be in "good standing" with JCCNF so long as their dues are paid in full in a timely manner.

Section 3.3. Members in good standing shall be entitled to all privileges of JCCNF Club membership and shall automatically establish JCNA membership and privileges.

Section 3.3.1 AFILIATE Members must have a Current JCNA Number through their PRIMARY membership of another Jaguar Club that is affiliated with JCNA.

Section 3.3.2 AFILIATE Members in good standing shall be entitled to all privileges of JCCNF membership. Their JCNA membership privileges are unique to their PRIMARY Club.

Section 3.4. Members in good standing shall also automatically become members of any other club organization in which JCCNF is affiliated, in accordance with subject club's rules and bylaws.


3.5.1 PRIMARY MEMBERSHIP will be held by the owner of the vehicle and is entitled to one vote at JCCNF meetings. Dues are payable upon the first day of December for the following year. PRIMARY MEMBER Dues are $60.00 per year. Each PRIMARY MEMBER will be entitled to one vote on JCCNF local issues, and one vote on JCNA matters arising from JCCNF’s affiliation with JCNA.

3.5.2 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP will be held by the spouse or other family member over the age of 17 residing at the same residence of the PRIMARY MEMBER. Dues are $10 per ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Each ASSOCIATE MEMBER will be entitled to one vote on JCCNF local issues, and one vote on JCNA matters arising from JCCNF’s affiliation with JCNA.

3.5.3 AFILIATE MEMBERSHIP will be held by a member of another Jaguar Car Club in good standing, who holds a current JCNA Number. Dues are $30 per AFILIATE MEMBER. Each AFILIATE MEMBER will be entitled to one vote on JCCNF local Issues. AFFILIATE members cannot vote on JCNA matters arising from JCCNF’s affiliation with JCNA. AFILIATE members will not be issued a SE54 JCNA number.

3.5.4 HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be bestowed upon an individual after nomination and confirmation by the Board of Directors. HONORARY MEMBERS will have one vote for life on JCCNF local issues, and one vote on JCNA matters arising from JCCNF’s affiliation with JCNA, and be assessed no dues.

3.5.5 BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP will be held by any business after approval of their application by the Board of Directors. Annual dues will be $500, lowered to $250 after July 1, for the remainder of the year. Business members will hold no voting rights.

Section 3.6. DUES:

3.6.1 Dues are payable on the first day of December for the next year in the amount set forth in Section 3.5. New members who join in the 4th Quarter of a year will have their membership extended through to December 31, of the following year. Dues may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Section 4.1. The Board of Directors shall consist of four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The President may elect to appoint other positions to include, but not limited to, Webmaster, Member at Large, other Club Representatives, etc. The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to manage the affairs of the JCCNF and for the purpose of formulating new proposals to be submitted to the members at regular or special meetings. No officer or director may receive direct or indirect monetary compensation for any service he/she may render to JCCNF. However, any officer may be reimbursed for incurred expenses directly related to club functions.


4.2.1. Each officer will take office on the first of January of the year following the election. The term will expire on the 31st of December of that same year. Officers may serve subsequent terms. No officer may concurrently hold more than one elected JCCNF office.

4.2.2. A Nominating Committee (appointed by the President) shall accept nominations for each election beginning in October for Officers to serve in the following year. The Nominating Committee shall consist of one Chairperson and two club members in good standing. Nominations may be made from the floor or submitted in writing [nominations by email are permitted]. All nominations and consents from nominees shall be received by the Nominating Committee 48 hours prior to the November regular meeting, at which time the Nominating Committee shall present its' Slate of Officers to the membership.

4.2.3. Ballots to all eligible voting members shall be sent and are to be returned by US mail or email by the deadline designated on the ballot in order to be counted. Each ballot voted and returned must include the name of the voting member(s) in order to certify their eligibility to vote. The ballots shall be tallied by a member of the Nominating Committee to be designated at the October regular meeting. All nominees must be over the age of 18 and a member in good standing for a period of not less than one year. Election results will be announced at the annual club holiday party held in December.

Section 4.3. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer and official spokesperson of the JCCNF. The President will be the executive officer of the Club and will perform his or her duties under the policies established by the Board of Directors. It shall be his/her responsibility to: preside over all meetings, provide for the operation of entire programs, meetings, conferences, conventions, meets, fund raising, settlement of disputes, sign and negotiate all contracts, approve all checks over $300, public relations, and the appointment of necessary committees or individuals for specific purposes. The President shall, in general, supervise all of the day-to-day business and affairs of the Club.

Section 4.4. The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties, preside over all meetings in the absence of the President, preside over committee affairs, and act as or appoint the JCCNF Club Historian.

Section 4.5. The Treasurer shall accept, deposit and keep accurate records pertaining to all funds received by the JCCNF. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the disbursement of said funds and the accurate recording of such transactions authorized by the Bylaws or as directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall give a verbal financial report at monthly meetings and a written report to all officers. The Treasurer shall also serve as membership chairman. An alternative membership chairman may be appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

Section 4.5.1. The Treasurer shall update the Club’s Registration as a Florida Not–for-Profit Corporation with the State at the beginning of each new Calendar Year.

Section 4.6. The Secretary shall keep accurate records, including minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall maintain attendance records.

Section 4.7. No officers or member of this nonprofit corporation shall be paid any compensation for serving as such.

Section 4.8. Any officer, director or appointed chairperson may be removed from any position, with cause, by a plurality vote of the eligible voting members of the JCCNF. In he event of a death, resignation, or removal of an officer or director, his/her successor shall be selected by the remaining members of the Board of Directors and shall serve the remainder of the term of his/her successor.

Section 4.9. Any active member or associate member of the Club may have his or her membership revoked by unanimous vote of the Board for cause. The members in question will be contacted via certified mail and notified of the next board meeting and location. At that time, the member will have the opportunity to respond to the BOARD's statement of cause before the BOARD votes on the matter.

Section 5.0. The directors have the right to take action in the absence of a meeting, which they could take at a meeting, by obtaining the majority approval of all directors via phone, fax, email or in person. Any action so approved shall have the same affect as though taken at a regular meeting of the directors.


Section 5.1. A thirty-day minimum notice will be given prior to an election or other special vote. Each eligible voting member as defined in these Bylaws shall have one vote. Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one additional vote. Each Honorary member shall have one vote. The total possible number of votes shall be equal to the number of club memberships eligible/and or in good standing, in addition to the number of the Board of Directors members, and the number of Honorary Members. A majority of the eligible ballots voted, returned and tallied by the designated deadline shall constitute a quorum of the membership of the club. Voting may be done via email, mail, or in person.

Section 5.2. QUORUM. For the purpose of votes taken on club matters at regular or special meetings of the JCCNF, a quorum shall be defined as the total number of eligible voting members in attendance. If the matter to be voted upon is deemed by any eligible voting member in good standing to require more membership participation, said member may motion for said vote to be tabled until the next meeting. Upon said motion being seconded and passed, the Secretary shall advise the membership by email/US mail of the matter to be voted upon at the next meeting that requires their voting presence. The number of eligible members in good standing at the following advertised meeting shall constitute a quorum and the majority vote counted shall stand.


Section 6.1. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the holiday party.

Section 6.1.1 The President has authority to conduct the meeting and shall include, but in no way be limited to, recognizing guests, call for necessary reports, conducting old and new business, stating questions and putting them to a vote, and announcing the results of voting.

Section 6.1.2 The rules of parliamentary procedure need not be observed in the conduct of meetings; however, such meetings shall be conducted in accordance with accepted usage and common practice with fair treatment to all who are entitled to take part. Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall be the standard of authority by which any conflicts will be addressed. The President shall also take such actions as are necessary and appropriate to preserve order at the meeting. The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse admittance or remove any individual or parties at any membership meeting or function.


Section 7.1. No person, firm or corporation shall ever receive any dividends or profits from the undertaking of this nonprofit corporation and upon the dissolution of this organization, all of its assets remaining after payment of all costs and expenses shall be distributed to organizations which have qualified for exemption under Section 501[c][3] of the Internal Revenue Code or to the Federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose, and money of the assets will not be distributed to any member, officer or person in the organization. Distribution of said assets will be under the control of the then current BOARD of Directors for determination and distribution.


Section 8.1. These bylaws may be amended at a regular or special meeting of the JCCNF membership by a vote of a simple majority of all members present in person. Notice of such meeting shall be delivered by mail or email and will include a draft of proposed changes. Notice must be given no more than 60 days and not less than 30days.


Section 9.1. All persons or Corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claims against the JCCNF or its Board of Directors, shall look only to the funds and property of the JCCNF for the payment of any debt, damages, or judgment of decree or any other money that may become due and payable to them from the Club or the Board so that neither the members of the Club nor its Board are personally liable therefore.


Section 10.1. The Club raises money through various events such as the Concours and British Car show with the view to donating such funds to charity after the expenses associated in organizing the event are paid.

Section 10.1.1. All funds collected in support of a named charity will be retained in a separate account other than the Club Operations account. Monies cannot be comingled between the Club account and the Charity account.

Section 10.1.2. The signatories on checks in Charity accounts will be nominated by the President and approved by the Board and will not be the same signatories as designated to the Club Operations account.

Section 10.1.3. The status of any Charity Account held by the Club must be included in the Treasurer’s written report to the Board each month.

Section 10.1.4. DISSOLUTION: In the event of dissolution of the Club all funds remaining in a Charity account shall be donated to the Charity. Any outstanding expenses may be paid prior to the donation, after written approval by the current Board at the time of Dissolution.


Section 11.1. These JCCNF Bylaws must be posted in a Publically accessible forum where JCCNF member, and prospective members, may access and read them.


Section 1.1. The Board of Directors of JCCNF approved the following Membership Fee Schedule to be implemented during the 2018 Club Year:

Section 1.1.1. Membership Fee Schedule:


Joining Period

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

Q4 2018

Expiry Date





Primary Membership





Primary + One Associate





Each Additional Associate
















Section 1.1.2. The above fees represent membership fees paid via the JCCNF Website. Fees for joining via the JCNA Website will reflect an additional $5 premium due to the additional overhead in dealing with JCNA.


Section 2.1. It is the responsibility of the JCCNF Webmaster to maintain an up-to-date eMail communications Group Master listing of members in ‘Good Standing’, and other Groups as required by the JCCNF Officers, for the purpose of communicating electronically with members and other parties designated by the Officers.

Section 2.1.1. Additional ‘Terms and Conditions’ related to the use of the JCCNF Electronic Communications ‘eMail Hub’ are posted on the JCCNF Website.

Section 2.2 JCCNF currently operates a Website as an additional communications portal for JCCNF Members to be kept up-to-date, provide information about the Club for prospective members, maintain a presence for the Club on the Internet, and help solicit new members.

Section 2.2.1. ‘Terms and Conditions’ related to access to, and use of, the JCCNF Website is posted on the JCCNF Website. The content posted on the website is tightly controlled by the Webmaster. Post requests by third parties are vetted by the Webmaster prior to being published.


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