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(aka - Don Dymer's 1950 Jaguar Mk V)

Story Evolving as Work Progresses


Jaguar Mk V

Betsy is a 1950 Jaguar Mk V owned by JCCNF member Don Dymer, originally purchased in 2015. Initially an overhaul of the electrics was completed by JCCNF member Mike Collins. However, after a few miles on the road, it became increasingly obvious that a major overhaul of the engine was essential. Naturally in all such cases, mission creep dictated that a complete overhaul of the vehicle followed. Betsy was transferred to the facilities of SJE Classics for further work. As items were removed and dismantled, the scope of the required restoration grew like a weed, and encompassed a body-off, well almost the body off, restoration.

The saga started with a fix to the electrical wiring, and a short trip to a local restaurant to attend a Jaguar Club meeting, on a fine January day. A check of Betsy's vitals revealed she had lost one and a half gallons of water during the short drive. A visual inspection in Betsy's home garage failed to identify a significant cooling system leak. Removal of the engine valve cover told the story of the lost water, a thick white oil-water emulsion was deposited on the inside of the valve cover. The water was disappearing down Betsy's exhaust system, bad news indeed!. Cleary the engine required a thorough overhaul. Out came the engine, and more issues became apparent. Betsy had been involved in an accident that had been carefully camouflaged by the previous owner. A thorough body inspection revealed serious bodywork was required, followed by re-painting. Like most restorations, one thing leads to another. If embarking into external bodywork, what about renovating the internal cabin. With all the work, and cost entailed, the final plan is to turn Betsy into a high class girl, restored to Concours standard. As an old British saying goes; "in for a penny, in for a pound". Like many automobile restorations, a plan to fix a few minor issues morphed into a major undertaking.

The refurbishment of Betsy's energency brakes took an unexpected turn, that resulted in a whole new saga. The energency brakes did not work, and inspection indicated that the brake cyliders required to be refurbjshed. The cyclinders were removed and sent by courier to a specialist for refurbishment, at least that was the plan. However when the package arrived at the specialists shop, much to everyone's surprise the package was damaged, and the brake cylinders, AWOL. So started a lengty search for replacement brake cylinders, and to upgrade the backplates back to Mk V specifications.

Jaguar MKV

It is intended to develop a photographic Storyboard following the restoration as it progresses. The Storyboard is under development, and will be updated as the story unfolds. In the meantime a few photographs of Betsy, may be seen by clicking on the Photographic Icon of Betsy: